Google doodle honors Iraqi female artist

4/23/2022 5:15:04 PM
 Naziha Salim's paint portrait on Google doodle.
Naziha Salim Iraqi female artist, educator, and author was honored by Google doodle for her contribution to contemporary art.

Naziha Salim was born in Iraqi family of artists in 1927, in Istanbul, Turkey. While her father was a painter, her mother was a skilled embroidery artist.

She was once described by Iraq’s first Kurdish president, Jalal Talabani as "the first Iraqi woman who anchored the pillars of Iraqi contemporary art. "

Her family were famous, and adept artists. His brother Jawad, is widely considered as one of Iraq’s most influential sculptors.

From an early age, Salim was into art and tried to create her own art. Salim Studied arts, and graduated with distinction in the Baghdad Fine Arts Institute. "Because of her hard work and passion for art she was one of the first women awarded a scholarship to continue her education in Paris at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts," Google wrote in its blogpost.

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