The Most Secure Phone is Librem 5

4/3/2022 12:04:04 PM
 Librem 5
​A Security and Privacy Focused Phone

The Librem 5—by Purism—is the most secure phone available today for a long list of competitive reasons.

The Librem 5 separates the cellular modem from the main CPU and memory, that physical isolation is critical to securing the rest of the phone, operating system, storage, and memory from the cellular carrier firmware and towers.

The Librem 5 also offers hardware kill switches that physically sever the circuit to Cellular with the first switch, WiFi/BT with the second, and Camera/Microphone with the third, it even offers Lockdown mode when all three switches are turned off. Keeping all the radios separate from the CPU and memory means the ultimate security by hardware isolation.

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