How to destroy your relationship with your partner in just 4 steps?

6/30/2022 5:01:43 PM
 Couples saddened after arguing with one another.
If you want to improve your relationship with your life partner you should do the opposite of these steps.

Highlighting simple and common mistakes that some couples make can help raise awareness and thus improve relationships with their life partner. According to social and family relations specialist Stephen Ing in an article published by "Psychology Today", caring for and protecting family relationships requires awareness of a number of common mistakes that are very simple to avoid to ensure that you spend enjoyable times and live a happy life.

Unrealistic aspirations

Some couples make the common mistake of exaggerating their expectations and all the time wanting the other person to be the best at everything, for example, fitter, more tactful, rational, spiritual and emotional. Ing advises that they should either (a) admit that they chose the wrong person as a partner or (b) deal realistically with the husband and learn to love him for who he is, and adapt to what is possible.


Some couples make the simple but pivotal mistake of not feeling satisfied unless their partner has an exact copy of their emotions, opinions, ambitions, and political or athletic inclinations. Having an identical husband or wife could be further from the truth. Couples should be aware that they are in an inclusive relationship, which means trying to find complementary, non-overlapping or identical areas of strength, ability, and interest.

The pursuit of perfection

Some couples seek perfection in their behavior and the behavior of a life partner, while the continual pursuit of perfection leads to a feeling of pressure and more burden, leading to disorder or frustration and failure of relationships. Experts advise that it is okay for a person and his partner to have some non-essential flaws, and for each other to feel that he loves him and accepts him as he is without pretense or pretense.

Not allowing and sabotaging foreign friendships

It is fairly common for couples to call each other the "best friend" in life. Although it is great for a husband to be a wife's best friend, it is also important to encourage her friendships with her female colleagues, neighbors, and female relatives. Being jealous of a husband or wife having other friends is self-defeating, because people who have solid and reliable friendships are happier, adaptive, and involved in other aspects of their lives.

Live and let live

If one’s goal is to form a happy family whose relations are based on solid foundations of love, respect and understanding, then he must create the conditions and environment in which his life partner feels safe, secure and stable just because she deals with her nature in a natural and objective framework based on accepting the other as he is.

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