8 children among others die at house fire in Turkey

11/9/2022 5:12:45 PM
 Firefighters putting out fire at a building in Bursa, Turkey on November 9, 2022.
 photo: KurdSat English
Nine Syrian refugees, including eight children, have been killed in a fire in Turkey's Bursa province.

Nine Syrian refugees, including eight children, a mother, six children and two relatives, were killed in a fire in a four-story building in the Gazi Osman neighborhood of Bursa province late last night, Turkish media reported. The victims were six siblings aged between 1 and 10, their 31-year-old mother, and two cousins aged 10 and 11.

Their father, returning home when the fire broke out, tried to rescue his family but smoke knocked him and he was hospitalized, according to Bursa governor, Yakup Canbolat.

Several others were injured and taken to hospital. The incident caused large property damage. At least 3.7 million Syrian refugees officially live in Turkey, most of them crossed to Turkey following the Syrian civil war.


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