Over 10 Kurdish protesters killed in Iran in past 24 hours

11/17/2022 8:40:13 AM
 Protesters in Rojhelat, Iran.
 photo: KurdSat English
At least ten protesters were killed in Sanaa, Saqiz, Kamyaran, and Bokan last night.

According to Hengaw Human Rights Organization, over ten protesters, including minors, were killed by Iran security forces in the past 24 hours. Protesters have surrounded the mayor’s office in Bokan and are likely to take it over.

Hundreds have been killed two months into the unrest, with thousands thrown into jails. According to the Iranian Human Rights Organization, 342 people, including 43 children and 26 women, have been killed since the protests began. 

As the crackdown on protesters intensifies, the UN Human Rights Council is scheduled to meet today to discuss the human rights situation in Iran.

Most victims in the Iran protests are in Rojhelat or Iranian Kurdistan. The protests erupted two months ago when a 22-year-old Kurdish girl died in the custody of Iran’s morality police. 

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