Iran judiciary says it has arrested 40 foreigners

11/22/2022 2:37:55 PM
 Young protesters burning fire on a street in Iran.
 photo: KurdSat English
Lately, Iranian military helicopters have began hoovering over Kurdish cities in western Iran.

As control is loosened over the Kurdish cities of Iran, the Iranian military has deployed many helicopters to monitor urban situation. According to Hengaw rights group, some helicopters were seen today over Mahabad and Baneh. Iranian security forces have reportedly fired at a crowd of people in Mangur street in Piranshahr, in West Azerbaijan, Hengaw reported.

The fate of several people detained in Kurdish cities remains unknown, including a 13-year-old child from Jawanro.

Forty foreigners had been detained for “taking part in the anti-government protests,” Masoud Setayeshi said in a regular news briefing, state media Mehr News reported. Many foreign representative offices in the country had advised their citizens to leave the country.

The months long protests have turned into an active resistance against the Iranian government, as young protesters demand more openness and freedom. Iran's World Cup team declined to sing their national anthem before their opening World Cup match on Monday in a sign of support for mass protests after many fans accused the squad of siding with a violent state crackdown on the unrest.

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