Iran, Rojhelat go on general strike

12/5/2022 11:43:10 AM
 Empty streets in Sanandaj, Iran following a general strike.
 photo: KurdSat English
A three-day general strike has been declared Iranian Kurdistan and Iran for three days.

A Tehran youth group have called on people to hold mass rallies at Tehran’s Valiasr and Firdaws Sharqi intersections at 10:00 am for three days, beginning today. The two streets are critical to the normal traffic flow in Iran’s megacity.

The youth of Sanandaj said they would continue protesting and make December 7 a milestone to start a national movement and create coordination between different movements in society. Sporadic unrest and disobedience have characterized the Iran protests for the past weeks.  

Youths in Ahvaz, Ardabil and Kirkan have also called for a general strike and called on people to boycott unnecessary goods during the three days.

Students at Tehran University and Kurdistan University in Sanandaj also expressed their willingness to join the strikes and boycott class.

Meanwhile, Hengaw Human Rights Organization reported that at least 20 Iranians were kidnapped in the past 48 hours in the town of Murmuri in Abdanan province.

Iran protests have stagnated for the past weeks as unorganized remote protests continue, especially in Iranian Kurdistan, where the unrest emerged over two months ago.

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