HDP to nominate woman for Turkish presidential election

12/6/2022 1:24:29 PM
 Pervin Buldan, co-leader of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP).
 photo: KurdSat English
The leftist party's choice for the presidential election is a way to appeal to female voters.

People's Democratic Party (HDP) Co-Chairwoman Parvin Buldan said they would nominate a woman for the upcoming Turkish presidential election.

HDP Co-Chairwoman Pervin Buldan said today, in a statement, that the 2023 budget of Turkey is a budget that puts millions of people's suffering at the government's service, and the problem and the solution to the budget is rejection. High inflation and unemployment have led thousands of people in Turkey to protest against the government's fiscal policies.

Buldan said they would nominate a woman for next year's presidential election but did not mention any names. Turkey has had a female prime minister, not a president since the Turkish republic adopted a presidential political system following a referendum.

Pervin Buldan criticized the Turkish government and the two ruling parties, saying that the AKP and MHP are in power for a short time and the end of their power is near, as they have led Turkey to bankruptcy.

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