US reiterates opposition to Turkish military operation in Rojava

12/7/2022 2:44:03 PM
 American flag raised with the People's Defense Units (YPG) flag in Rojava.
 photo: KurdSat English
The imminent Turkish ground invasion threatens one of the most democratic women-led territories in the world.

In a video conference with several Kurdistan region journalists, including a representative of KurdSat Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), US envoy to northeastern Syria affairs, Nicolas Granger called the tensions of the past weeks in Rojava "unacceptable." For the past two years, the US mission in Iraq engaged with hundreds of journalists and civil rights activists in an attempt to reverse its long-adopted top-down strategy in Iraq. 

Answering a question from KurdSat's Kovan Hussein whether the US would greenlight Ankara to continue its plans in Rojava, the top envoy said, "in no ways will the United States give the green light to any party to attack any other community or party."

They are dangerous and unacceptable, and the United States is concerned about military action that threatens regional stability and common goals in the fight against ISIS and puts civilian lives at risk, the US top envoy to North Eastern Syria noted. 

"Despite its concerns about the situation, Washington is working with partners such as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Turkey to ease tensions and the US goal is for the people of the region to live in peace," per the envoy.

Turkish warplanes continue to bomb Rojava cities and settlements, displacing hundreds of people and killing civilians since last month.  The announced Turkish invasion would cover many Kurdish towns of Rojava, officially called Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, one of the most democratic women-led places in the world, as women fight for their rights in other parts of the region. 


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