Syria imposes a severe blockade on Aleppo Kurds

12/25/2022 11:54:48 AM
 Kurdish refugees in Rojava.
 photo: KurdSat English
The blockade has sparked a humanitarian crisis.

The Syrian government has imposed a severe siege on the Kurdish refugee camp in the town of Tal Rafah, north of Aleppo, sparking a humanitarian crisis in the region; many lack access to medicine and food. 

KurdSat reporter in Rojava Dara Berekat said the Syrian regime used the siege to force the Syrian Democratic Forces (HSD) out of the northern Aleppo region. Sometimes the regime loosens its restrictions on the movement of goods into the Kurdish-populated territories but usually imposes an outright ban on them, per the reporter.

Since September 2022, Syrian government forces have imposed a tight siege on the town of Tal Rafah and five camps in northern Aleppo, preventing the flow of fuel, food and medicine to the area; according to our reporter, the sieged people number over 150,000 people who face tough living conditions amid the winter.

Afrin Education Board Co-Chairman Berivan Khalil said that students had not attended classes for nearly a month due to a lack of fuel. They needed help in providing transportation for students.

As Rojava faces imminent ground invasion from Ankara, the Syrian regime has increased its pressure on the Kurdish-led Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria.


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