HDP prepares holding congress as top Turkish court moots banning the party

1/14/2023 12:05:21 AM
 People's Democratic Party General Congress in Antep, Northern Kurdistan.
 photo: KurdSat English
The HDP has asked the Turkish Supreme Court to delay its decision on the fate of the party.

People’s Democratic Party (HDP) has scheduled its fourth congress for November 2023, in its Kurdish strong hold Amed in Northern Kurdistan, under the slogan, "We have a solution, No to war and exploitation.”

The HDP's bank accounts have been temporarily closed and its budget has been cut, with the party’s fate hanging in the balance at the Turkish Consitutional Court.

HDP Co-leader, Mithat Sancar declared that they have asked the constitutional court to delay its ruling on party”s future till they have held their congress. Sancar said, "It is the most appropriate for the law to leave the matter until after the election, we will make such a request from the Constitutional Court."

Stating that he would not make negative statements about the members of the Constitutional Court, Sancar said, "The court's own administration determines the course of the case. I never want to use negative words about the members of the court.”

"It would be naive to talk about a case that will only be decided in the courtroom," added Sancar, as recently intervention in the Turkish judiciary has been very visible.

The HDP is the only leftist Turkish party that have broken the 10% electoral threshold but the Turkish government keeps on cracking down on the party as it has thrown thousands of its members behind bars, usually accusing them of having ties to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

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